Creative Activities You Can Do With Kids

If you are looking for the perfect creative stay at home kids activity we have a fun idea. Greeting Cards can be a full day activity if you stretch it out just right. It might seem simple, but it might just be the perfect way to practice kindness with the kids.

stay at home activities with the kids


1.Give them something to look forward to each month - mail for them!

Of course, we might be a little bias but we think receiving mail is an exciting experience. During times when kids are having to stay at home more often, waiting for mail can give them a reason to walk outside each day!

If you plan to use our art card subscription as a reoccurring activity for kids, we suggest ordering the three pack of cards. This will give them one card to keep for themselves and two cards to give away each month. 

2. Discuss "showing kindness" and pick someone new to give cards to.

Parents do so much - there's no question about that. In fact, it's probably better phrased "parents do it all." Raising another human can be so much work, not to mention trying to help them be good people when they grow up. So, let us be the first to say "You are amazing. You are enough. You are doing enough." We hope this fun idea for kids gives you a little "mental break" - things might not go as planned but we hope to give you an idea for how to keep those growing, creative minds occupied. 

The idea here is that giving someone a card can be an easy way to engage your child in a conversation about showing kindness to others. Anchoring a lesson with an activity helps it become more tangible for young minds. But, after two years of lock down home schooling, you already know all about that. Don't worry, we are keeping it simple with this kids activity. Our idea for activities with kids are about doing more with less and finding ways to stretch a simple concept into a full day of fun. 

3. Let them add their own touch to the back of the card & envelope!

Of course, after the excitement of receiving mail in the mailbox wears off, there needs to be some hands on activities to keep kids entertained. Hopefully, you get a chance to enjoy the featured artist and read the encouraging note on the back. If not, maybe something for you to do while they are coloring away. 

There's a blank space on the back side of each card. We suggest using crayons, acrylic paints or markers if possible. The cards have a wax coating that doesn't absorb water color very well. If you are really feeling your second cup of coffee maybeee you could do glue and glitter! I don't know, just throwing some wild ideas out there. 

Then, get those envelopes out - these offer lots more free space for creative expression. 

4. Deliver the cards by hand or take a walk to a USPS drop location together.

My personal favorite activity is the delivery. Each month, kids can decide someone new to give their card to. A great way for kids to think about caring for others. Maybe a way for children to say thank you to someone in their life - a grandparent, a neighbor, a teacher or friend. Or, maybe a way for kid to do something nice for someone who needs a little love - a post office worker, a non-family member in a retirement home, a public worker.

Deliver cards together by hand and make a nature walk out of it. If any of your cards are being mailed locate a USPS drop box in a safe walking area. To do this just google "USPS drop box near me." 

Or, make a field trip out of it and head inside the USPS store. Maybe one of your card recipients can be the postal office worker! However, don't forget lines can be long these day and we all know kids and lines can be stressful. The great thing about ordering "with stamps" subscription option is you can skip the line. Walk right in and drop your letters together at the in store drop box.

Remember, no matter how your day goes - making an effort to spend it together is enough. If you hear nothing else, hear us say you are enough! Loving on your kids and caring for others makes you a hero in our minds. Thank you for everything you do. We hope you enjoy! 

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