Reconnect Card Co relaunched this month with big plans to use artist greeting cards to give back and advocate for mental health.

mental health advocate

Here's How It Works

A new feature artist is selected each month. Next, a piece by our artist is turned into a postcard style art print. From there, our team selects a meaningful message to print on the back of each Art Card. 

This is where you come in! Our artist greeting cards can be personalized and sent directly to your recipient.  The ease of an E-card with the personal touch of a physical gift. 

Could it get any better? It can. Reconnect Card Co is on a mission to spread kindness. Not only do our greeting cards offer a way to show kindness to friends and family, but we now partner with This Whole Life Foundation  to help provide mental health care for those who couldn't otherwise afford it. 

Our "Why" 

ReConnect Card Co aims to boost the good vibes by sending a specialized art cards to someone special for you. We aim to help you re-establish communication with those near or far, re-unite you with the people that matter in your life, provide space for you to re-member the good times with loved ones, and help you re-connect with the kindness of humanity despite the chaos in the world.

ReConnect partners with This Whole Life Foundation to provide scholarships for those who can’t afford their wellness services like mental health counseling, gut healing, or fitness. By partnering with generous and talented artists, and sending encouragement to those who need it, ReConnect is able to provide 10% of profits to This Whole Life Foundation, and give at least 4 people every month the opportunity to start their road to healing.


Woman Founded

"Even before the pandemic of 2020, mental health issues have been steadily increasing. Collectively, our society is more lonely, more anxious and more isolated than ever before. As an artist myself, I truly believe art to be the universal language. It can help us communicate things that might otherwise be hard to talk about.

Art leaves this unique space for interpretation that can spark conversation or lead us into self reflection. When I set out to approach this increasing need for mental health awareness I knew I wanted to use my passion for art to give us all a much needed ongoing reminder to PAUSE, REFLECT, & RECONNECT.

 I pray you know you matter and I invite you to be a part of our mission to spread kindness through art."

- Founder, Grace Brookshire 

A Perfect Partnership 

"Grace and I first met in 2017 when facilitating a mental wellness day for women in our community. It wasn't until several years later that we were brought together in close friendship.

A year into business, Grace knew Reconnect Card Co could do so much more for mental health with the right partnership. It became obvious to Grace that I had been brought into her life for more than friendship. My passion for helping others and background in mental health was a perfect fit for Reconnect Card Co.

I am a licensed therapist, certified yoga instructor, owner of the Made Well Center For Wellness, and founder of This Whole Life Foundation.

I believe we are made well, and I believe we’ve been given the right tools and skills, we just sometimes need a little community, need a little education & encouragement, and need a little practical help to get back to that original state of paradise.”

- This Whole Life Founder, Buffy Andrews