Ten Easy Ways To Show Kindness

Living through a pandemic has not made life easier for anyone. With an increase in stress levels and a decrease in social interactions, we are desperate for ways to connect with friends and in need of addressing our own personal turmoils. 

I took some time to assess a few simple daily practices that have helped me and wanted to share those with you. To address the stressor of an already overloaded schedule - I believe that etching out just 20 minutes for these practices could have a long-lasting impact on your quality of life. 

The phrase “if you don't take control of your life, your life will take control of you” is an all too easy reality. But, spending twenty minutes being intentional about addressing your innermost need for kindness (both towards yourself, and others) is a great and easy way to start controlling your life. 

In a world where it is ever so easy to get swayed by a river of negativity, these small practices will start to rebuild a foundation of positivity. 

Yes, the hope is that we would start with ourselves and spread kindness out into the world around us. But, my prayer is that these small daily moments would do more in and for you. 

I’ve put together 10 days with 10 simple ways to increase your self-kindness and your kindness towards others. Take the challenge to spend 10 minutes on yourself and 10 minutes on others. You deserve it. 

Here's an example day: kindness tips example

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